'Synthdrome' was my first ever original recorded album with a bunch of influences, gathered over the years. I was lucky enough to envision it and release at the age of 24 with the unconditional support of my mentor Adrian Maruszczyk. 
I have managed to write, record and close the chapter straight after the Academy, with all my friends and musicians, who have changed my career till 2014. 
I think, I have managed to blend all the fusion influences of mine and up till this day I am proud of the outcome.

Track List

01 - Daze & Confuse

02 - Analog Changes

03 - Vapour Relay

04 - Scooby's Dreams

05 - RNSTZ, 7

06 - Cinnamon Chasers

07 - Illicit Distractions

08 - Homo Cumulus

09 - 2000 Watt

Line Up

Slawek Semeniuk - bass

Gerry Reynders - drums

Andy Willems - keys

Ruud Jacobs - keys

Frank Giebels - keys 3.

Greg Torunski - sax

Jorre Reynders - sax 4.9.

Pierre Pirlet - guitar


Composed by Slawek Semeniuk

Production & Artwork by Slawek Semeniuk & Michael Heidmann

Recorded at Public Peace Music Productions, Aldenhoven, Germany

Mixed & Mastered by Michael Heidmann